The key to selling more insulation products while steadily keeping your crew busy means realizing you’re not just selling a product to prospective buyers. Instead, you’re selling residential homeowners and commercial building owners buyers on the benefits of using the right insulation. Part of selling more insulation also means educating your customers so they understand the importance of relying on proper installation from an experienced crew.

Be Different

Figuring out how your insulation business differs from competitors is the first step in selling more insulation and drawing attention to your business. Determine the types of insulation your competitors sell, such as foam, fiberglass or natural fiber, and review how they market their products to consumers and contractors. Learn everything you can about their clients, including the area they serve and the types of customers to whom they sell each type of insulation represented. Knowing these differences helps you develop a competitive advantage, such as offering free cost estimates within 24 hours of a prospect’s call. You might also advertise that you bring a book of samples to help explain the various types of insulation and how each provides proper ventilation in an effort to help buyers choose the right product.

Identify Your Client

Figure out who needs insulation in your region, such as homeowners who are remodeling or contractors working on a brand new building or managing residential projects. You may want to target a particular area or neighborhood, such as homes built in the mid-1970s or earlier, since these structures tend to have improper insulation. If you offer attic ventilation services as well, look for residences built in the 1980s since the insulation improved, because many times it was installed too tightly with improper ventilation.

Mention Benefits

The features of the particular insulation products you sell are not nearly as important as the benefits the product offers. For instance, people with severe allergies may want to know how foam or natural fiber insulation helps them avoid an attack compared to fiberglass. Or, they may need to understand the ventilation issues certain types of insulation cause or the way the product helps keep heating costs down during the winter. You may need to explain how proper installation helps a house breathe, while keeping mold and mildew from forming. If you sell more than one type of insulation, provide a chart that explains the differences and the costs related to the benefits.

Meet the Influencers

Form a networking group with people who influence those who need insulation, such as contractors, realtors, remodelers and property managers. Share referrals, and educate the group as to what makes you different from other insulation installers. Bring small samples of the insulation you install to the meetings as a tool to help everyone in the group understand more about what you offer.