It can be difficult to identify a company logo without any other information, such as a company name, slogan or tagline. According to, even well known companies and brands change their logos from time to time, which can make it even more difficult to keep track. Utilizing online search tactics as well as industry professionals can help you play logo detective successfully.

Google Image Search - Saved Logo Images

Google enables you to search through an image, not just through written search terms. For this method you need to have the image saved somewhere on your computer. Using the website, you can click on the camera icon next to the search bar and upload an image to search from your computer.

Google Image Search - Website Logo Images

Using Google, you can also search an image you found online without saving it to your computer. In this method, right-click on the image and select "copy image URL" from the drop-down menu options. Paste the image URL into the search bar on the page.

Logo Databases

Online logo databases such as let you search through collections of logos to identify the one you are looking for. The more you know about the logo, and the industry it belongs to, the easier it will be. For example, if you can decipher the industry the logo likely represents, such as healthcare or fitness, or even the country it origins from, the more you can filter your search.

Industry Research and Context

Depending on where you saw the logo, you may be able to find clues that can lead you to the logo's identity. For example, if the logo was in the program at an event you attended, contact the event's public relations department for a list of the event sponsors. If you can decipher the industry from the logo graphics, contact industry professionals, such as trade group representatives, to see if they recognize the logo and are familiar with the company.