Pop-up ads are a form of online marketing where the intent is to advertise a product as well as attract web traffic and/or capture email addresses. They are typically generated by JavaScript and appear as secondary browser windows. Contents vary, ranging from company promotional videos and opt-in forms meant to generate leads to messages with the latest news. Although many Internet users consider pop-up ads obtrusive, they are good at grabbing users' attention and can be effective as a marketing strategy once you leverage their advantages.

Amplified Visibility

Pop-up ads are highly visible. They are usually set up to either fade out part of the screen or block the center of the page where the user would be focusing. By designing them to stay on top of the open website window, they guarantee the attention of the user, who must glance at them before closing the window. Just like an insert in the local daily, a pop-up is a freestanding ad that can't be visually ignored.

Traffic Conversion

Different people may seek the same product on your site for different reasons. You need to address those reasons in your pitch to achieve optimum effectiveness. This can be accomplished via a pop-up ad that offers useful information to the right person, in the right place -- your website -- and at the right time. You can expect your conversion rate to climb if the pop-up ad is relevant at the individual user level, as the user is compelled to follow up with the call to action.

Instant Customer Feedback

A pop-up on your website can be an invaluable tool for getting instant feedback. You can set it up on one of your pages, such as one with frequently asked questions, so that visitors can easily and quickly inquire or comment about your product or service. In addition to introducing users to other product offers you are promoting, the pop-up helps you gauge how customers feel about your products and/or services, or your company in general.

Pop-Up Ads are Versatile

Depending on how you want to set up your message, pop-ups offer a versatile platform that can accommodate different ad types. They can be designed to prevent a visitor from leaving your site until they click on the ad, or to open a new tab or window whenever a visitor closes them, ensuring your message is viewed. Some can house a video or a game to entice visitors. When suitably packaged, pop-up ads can offer your visitors an indelible image of what your business does.