Shipper displays are self-contained displays, used by stores, that feature retail products for sale. They are often designed to introduce new products to the market. Most include marketing materials and signage. Shippers stand alone with built-in shelving. Just take the shipper out of the box and set it up in your store.

Floor Shipper

Floor shippers are designed to sit directly on your showroom floor. They contain items for sale attractively displayed inside the shipper. There is no need to take up additional shelve space when offering these items to your customers. Floor shippers typically consume the same amount of space on your showroom floor as a person would. They can be conveniently located throughout the store and are often displayed near the check-out area.

Countertop Shipper

Countertop shippers are designed to be placed directly on the sales counter. The items are neatly displayed in the self-contained shipper box. Countertop shippers are often placed near the cash register to offer new items to your customers. Countertop shippers can increase your sales through impulse buying. They are often used for candy and snack promotions.

Customized Shipper

Packaging companies can custom design a shipper for you to introduce a new item into the market. You can increase sales by offering your customers a self contained shipper containing your new product line. Retail stores can offer a variety of new items to customers without having to make a large investment. Shippers prevent the need for retailers to use valuable shelve space when offering a new item or promotion.

New Product Variety Shipper

Shippers often offer the opportunity to display different varieties of a new product. For example, a shipper might contain several flavors of a particular candy, snack, tea or coffee. This lets the retailer introduce the product without having to purchase a large quantity of one particular flavor. Floor and countertop shippers are a minimal investment for the retailer.