A well balanced mix of table styles and sizes will minimize your guests waiting time for seating. If you are serving a fast food or pizzeria type of menu you will need less dining space per person at the table versus a three-course dinner menu. Tables for a coffee house are smaller than tables for a family dining restaurant. The floor space available in your restaurant will also need to be taken into consideration when selecting your tables. Outside dining areas will require weather-resistant furniture.

Two to Four Person Tables

Two to four-person tables are the most popular restaurant table design. Restaurant tables are typically sold in two components; the tabletop and the base. Tabletops are available in a variety of wood finishes, laminate, resin and granite. You can also customize the tabletop with your own logo or design. Tables that can accommodate two to four people range in size from a 24-by-24 inches square to a 48-by-36 inches rectangular shaped. Round 24-to-36-inch tabletops will also accommodate two to four diners. The tops are attached to pedestal style bases. Bases are available in a stainless steel, aluminum or cast iron. Select a commercial grade restaurant table specifically designed to withstand many uses.

Bar Height Tables

High top or bar height tables are frequently used at pubs and sports bars. A tabletop is secured to a 41-inch base to create a high top table. Square or round tops can be used. Refer to the specifics of the base to determine the maximum size tabletop for that particular base. The base often has a footrest around the bottom. Bar stools are used with this type of table.


Booths create an intimate private dining experience for your guests. Tabletops can be secured to the wall with a bench seat placed on either side to create a row of booths. Booths can also be free standing in the center of the restaurant.

Family Dining Tables

Large dining tables able to accommodate eight to 10 people are used for banquet and party room settings. Tables are available in rectangular and round shapes in a wide variety of finishes. Large restaurants will often use family dining sized tables to designate special areas.

Outdoor Tables

Weather resistant tables and chairs are needed for your outdoor dining space. Wrought iron, wicker and aluminum commercial restaurant grade tables are available. Consider the size of the outdoor area and weather conditions when selecting your tables. An area with full sun may require umbrellas for your guests' comfort. If your restaurant is in a climate where the tables will need to be stored for the winter, consider tables that can easily be stacked or folded for easy storage.