Whether you are changing the address of your business location or your home, converting your post office box to a new address is a simple procedure. Just bring proof of identification and fill out the proper change-of-address form at your local United States Post Office.

Go to the post office where your P.O. box is located.

Obtain the change of address form.

Fill out the required information including: whether conversion is for an individual, family or business; personal information; current P.O. vox; if it is for a permanent or temporary change; the date change is to begin; and the new address to which your mail will be forwarded.

Submit the form to the postal clerk along with your proof of identification.

Inform those from whom you receive mail of your change of address. The post office will forward mail for up to a year.

Cancel your P.O. box.


You can also request a change of address online at the United States Postal Service website.


Ask when you submit your change-of-address how long the process will take; it can take up to two weeks.