If you have a business that sells tangible items that are taxable, you need a seller’s permit. This applies to wholesalers, retailers, temporary businesses, individuals, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, among others. If you move your business after obtaining the original seller’s permit, you must notify your state's Board of Equalization of the change.

Get a copy of the “Notice of Business Change” form, which you must fill out to notify the Board of Equalization of your change of address. The form can be downloaded online in most states, or you can pick one up at a local field office.

Fill out the "Notice of Business Change” form completely. In California, for example, the form, titled BOE 345, is one simple page, which should take just a few minutes to fill out.

Mail or fax the completed form to your state’s Board of Equalization office. Make sure to keep a copy of the completed form for your records. When the Board of Equalization receives the form, it will officially change the address associated with your seller’s permit.