DBA stands for “doing business as.” It is also referred to as “assumed business name.” Business owners are required to register a DBA for their business. The DBA application must be presented at financial institutions before business owners can open a business account. In some states, DBA papers automatically expire five years from the initial notarized date; other states allow DBAs to be valid for 10 years.

The Forms

There is no distinction between registering a new DBA and renewals. The same form is used for both. You can print the form by visiting the website of your county clerk's office. The website should include a separate section with available forms to download. Choose the form labeled “Application For Doing Business As.” It may also be listed as “Assumed Business Name Application.” Applications are generally one page created in pdf format.

Renew in Person

You can renew your DBA in person by visiting your local county clerk’s office. If you are not sure where the clerk’s office for your county is, try doing an online search by entering your county name followed by “clerk’s office.” You can print out the application form ahead of time and bring it in or ask for the form when you arrive at the office.

Renew by Mail

Print out the required application form, fill out your business name and address information, then mail it to the address listed at the bottom of the form. The form will be mailed back to you after the county clerk office’s official seal has been stamped on it. Upon receiving it, take the form to get it notarized. Your financial institution will probably need a copy of your renewed DBA form.


When you send in your renewal application by mail, you must also enclose the necessary fee. Amounts by state and county and will be listed somewhere on the form. The required renewal fee may be paid upon arriving at the county clerk’s office, if you choose to renew in person.


When filling out the application to renew your DBA, do not sign and date the form. The notary public must witness you signing and dating the application. Once the notary public seal and your signature have been added, your DBA paper is deemed valid until the expiration date stated on the county clerk’s seal.