If you have a business in New York City, getting a post office box through the United States Postal Service can provide you with a private address for business mail and the security of knowing all your items get held at a monitored location. Whether you're already in the city or plan to move there soon, you can easily begin applying for the box online or take the paper application route. You'll be able to find out which sizes, services and prices are available on the USPS website and then head to a local post office to finish the reservation process.

Checking PO Box Price Options

Before you apply for a PO Box in New York City, you can check the USPS website to see which size and price options are available at your preferred post office. Choose the "Track & Manage" menu option and then go to "Rent or Renew PO Box." You can then type the zip code or your business address in the "Reserve a New PO Box" form and run a search for local post office options. Once you select a post office, you'll see the PO box sizes available there and can click a size to see pricing.

While the USPS lets you choose from five size options, know that some post offices may just offer a few of the smaller options. The first two sizes are designed to hold regular letters and magazines, while the third size accommodates large envelopes. The last two sizes can fit boxes alongside letters. Pricing goes from low to high depending on size, but you can save on the rental cost if you pay for more than the minimum of three months at once.

Applying on the USPS Website

When you're browsing the pricing and size options for PO boxes at your chosen post office, you'll see a "Reserve Now" button when you choose the size and subscription term you want. You'll begin the online application by filling out your contact information and intended use for the PO box, listing your box's authorized users and specifying any extra services (such as getting a real street address). You'll proceed by paying for the post office box rental with a credit card and then confirming all your information.

After finishing, you'll usually see a message to print a form named PS Form 1093 that will have your online application information. You'll have 30 days to physically visit the post office with a photo ID and another form of ID for address verification to receive the keys you need to use the post office box. If you're not yet in NYC, you can go to your local post office to get help and prepare to get your keys upon your arrival in the city.

Applying at the Post Office

As an alternative to the online PO box reservation, the USPS will allow you to complete a handwritten version of PS Form 1093. To save some time, you can print it from USPS.com instead of getting the form from a postal service employee and filling it out on site. This document will ask for the same contact information along with the requested box size, your ID numbers, list of PO box users and intended use.

The postal worker will take your payment, verify your documents to check your identity and set up auto-renewal for you depending on your chosen payment term. You can then get the key to your PO box and start using it for business purposes.

Using Your NYC PO Box

After you get your PO box in NYC, you may want to file a change of address on the USPS website or at an area post office. You should also notify business contacts who send you mail so they use the new address.

You'll be able to go into your USPS account to manage the box and update any information needed. For example, you can request renewal when your term expires, update payment methods or make changes to your auto-renewal. If you didn't apply online, you'll first need to link the box to your USPS account.