How to Get a Copy of My Postal Service Pay Stub

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United States Postal Service (USPS) employees can view and retrieve copies of their pay stubs online through the LiteBlue network. Whether you receive your pay stub in the mail and misplaced it or choose the paperless option, you can log onto LiteBlue, use the ePayroll application and get a pay stub. The pay stubs are stored in the ePayroll application for the last 40 pay periods or about 20 months.

Visit the LiteBlue (see Resources) network for USPS employees and log in. Enter your employee ID, USPS PIN and click the "Log On" button.

Go to the employee application carousel at the center of the LiteBlue home page.

Choose "ePayroll" from the list of applications.

Click the link for the desired date under the "Pay Date" column. Your pay stub will launch in a separate browser window.

Click the "Print This Page" option in the upper left side of the window, or you can select "File" from the browser's top navigation menu, then click "Print."

Select a printer and adjust settings as necessary from the "Print" dialog box.


  • Your USPS PIN is the same PIN used for PostalEase.

    You can access the ePayroll application from the "My HR" site from an internal company computer.


  • Only USPS employees should access the LiteBlue network web site. Unauthorized access may be subject to civil and criminal prosecution.



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