A license is required to legally become a used car wholesaler in the state of Texas. An auto wholesaler purchases vehicles from the manufacturer and sells those vehicles to a franchised dealer. To obtain a used car wholesaler's license in Texas, you have to complete an application and pay the necessary application fees. Soon, you can start your new career as a used car wholesaler.

Things You Will Need
  • Application

  • License fee

Download the application on the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles’ website (see References). The application form is a PDF file and can be saved to your computer.

Print the application and fill it out completely. On the application, include the business name and address, indicate that you are a distributor (wholesaler) and answer the series of questions.

Download the payment form, if your are planning on paying the license fee with a credit card. With the payment form, you can include your credit card information and mail it with the application. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles states that the license fee is $1,800. You can also pay the license fee in the form of a check or money order. You do not need a payment form to pay with a check or money order.

Review your application to ensure that you have completed the necessary sections. Sign and date the application.

Mail the application and the supplemental documents to the Motor Vehicle Division. You can get the mailing address from the application or the website (see References). For this application there are two mailing addresses; one if you are paying by check or money order and another address if you are paying by credit card. Make sure you have the right address before you send your application.