Georgia does not have separate licenses for automobile dealers who sell used cars wholesale or retail. You must apply for a Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License to sell either way. However, you may not use “wholesale” in your business’ name or advertising.

A Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License allows you to sell automobiles from a used car lot or a broker’s office, if you meet the qualifications for an “established place of business.” All licenses for used motor vehicle dealers renew biennially and expire on March 31 of even years.

1. Download the Used Car Dealer Application Package

Download the Used Car Dealer Application Package from the Georgia Secretary of State’s website. Review the required information and complete the “Application for Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License.” Check “New Applicant” if you are applying for the first time. Provide all the requested information, including gender, date of birth, place of birth, citizenship status and Social Security number.

2. Attend a Pre-Licensing Seminar

Attend a pre-licensing seminar. This is offered through one of the “Approved Pre-License and Continuing Education Seminar Providers” listed in the application package. You also can find a list of approved providers on the Georgia State Board of Registration of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers’ website.

3. Obtain a $35,000 Surety Bond

Obtain a $35,000 surety bond that expires on March 31 of an even year. Use the exact name of your business, and provide an original with “power of attorney” attached in your application package. Sign the bond and keep a copy for your records.

4. Enclose an Original Certificate of Insurance

Enclose an original certificate of insurance with your application package. The certificate must include your policy number, coverage limits for automobile and garage liability and the address from which you will sell cars. List the “Certificate Holder” as:

State Board of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers 237 Coliseum Drive Macon, GA 31217

5. Include Photographs of Your Business

Include photographs of your “established place of business,” which may be an office or open lot with a sign that clearly states cars are sold at the site. List a working land line telephone number.

6. Apply for a State Sales Tax Number

Apply for a state sales tax number with the revenue department. Call 404-417-4490. Include the number or a copy of your application with your application package for the license.

7. Obtain a Fingerprint-Based Criminal Background Check

Submit to a fingerprint-based criminal background check. Register at or call Cogent Systems at 888-439-2512.

8. Include License Application Fees

Write a check for the proper fee for your license application. Review the “Fee Schedule” with the application package and calculate the total you will need. Include the check with your license application package.

9. Send the Completed License Application Package

Send the completed license application package to:

State Board of Registration of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers & Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealers Used Motor Vehicle Dealers Division 237 Coliseum Drive Macon, GA 31217

Things You Will Need
  • License fee

  • Surety bond

  • Certificate of insurance

  • Photographs

  • Certificate of zoning compliance


Include your e-mail address on your application so you can receive confirmations when your application has been received and your license issued. You should receive your license or a request for more information within three weeks. Check the License Verification page in the meantime.


Your application is considered incomplete if all requested information is not provided. It will get returned for the missing data. Your initial license may be good for less than the usual two years, because all licenses renew biennially in even years.