As a restaurant owner or operator, you may need to sell your restaurant equipment because you are closing the restaurant or replacing the equipment with an upgraded version. You certainly want to sell the older equipment at a good price, particularly if it is a top-of-the-line brand and in good working condition. Start-up restaurants are potential buyers for your used restaurant equipment. You can employ a number of other methods as well to sell your used restaurant equipment.

Advertise your used restaurant equipment on websites such as eBay, Amazon or craigslist. This will expose your listing to the widest possible market for your used equipment. Post advertisements in magazines and other publications specific to the restaurant industry. Approach regional hotel and restaurant associations, restaurant supply or equipment supply associations, and let the members know that you are looking to sell your used restaurant equipment. You may find potential buyers in these associations.

Search for websites specializing in the selling of used restaurant equipment. Such websites allow you to reach your exact target audience quickly. Check out websites such as Double Take Auctions and Equippers. (See Resources.)

Find retailers dealing in used restaurant equipment. Pierce Food Service Equipment, Restaurant Equipment World, ACityDiscount and ABC Restaurant are some examples (see Resources). Selling your equipment to resellers reduces the time and effort involved in online selling or posting adverts. Contact the dealer and give a description of the product, model and its working condition. You can deliver your equipment directly to the dealer’s warehouse or have a representative visit you on-site. The representative evaluates your equipment and negotiates a price. Contact more than one retailer and choose the one offering the best price for your equipment. Use telephone directories, online search engines or consult friends and colleagues in the food service industry for reliable dealer contacts. Remember to ask the dealers about their experience in the field and request customer references.


Build contacts of people who are interested in buying used equipment so that you have a ready list of candidates the next time you need to sell your used restaurant equipment.