Homeowners and commercial businesses alike may experience a plumbing nightmare at some point. Plumbing and piping systems that were installed years ago often require attention. Starting a plumbing wholesale business will allow you to supply plumbers and other contractors, so they can buy in bulk to sell retail or have the supplies they need. You should have a knowledge of and interest in plumbing in order to be a successful wholesale plumbing company because potential customers will have questions about the products you provide.

Speak with your accountant or the IRS to determine whether you have a tax ID number. In order to purchase plumbing supplies, distribution companies may require you to prove you are in business. A tax ID number is sometimes used to verify the business and receive credit for supplies. Apply for a tax ID number from the IRS website or by calling an IRS agent at 1-800-829-1048.

Write a list of all of the supplies you will provide for your wholesale business. A list allows you know what products you will be offering. You may have to work with multiple distribution companies in order to obtain the plumbing materials. Visit online plumbing supply companies as well as home-improvement stores to help you create your list. The more products you buy in bulk, the cheaper the price, which will allow you to make more profit when offering the plumbing supplies to other companies.

Use offshore distribution companies to purchase your plumbing equipment wholesale. Use such sites as Tradekey.com and Ec21.com. Order samples of the plumbing supplies you are interested in to test the quality of the product as well as the shipping efficiency. Ask your potential supplier if they drop-ship in the event you choose to operate online. Drop-shipping allows customers to pay you for the product, you pay your supplier, and the supplier sends the plumbing materials to your customer without you physically handling them.

Lease or purchase a warehouse using the help of a real estate agent to house any plumbing equipment. Invest in an alarm or other security for your plumbing equipment. Maintain an attractive and clean facility in the event potential customers want to visit your facilities to order products.

Register with plumbing and contractor organizations to advertise your business and network. Look for plumbing associations in your state. For example, Connecticut has the Connecticut Association of Plumbing Heating and Cooling. Join the United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada.