Selling used medical equipment: As healthcare costs soar and the need for more medical resources increases, physicians and healthcare facilities look for way to save resources. Rural and community healthcare operations are prime candidates for selling used medical equipment to. Start-up medical practices and clinics often must make do with used medical equipment in good working condition. There are a number of ways to sell used medical equipment.

Things You Will Need
  • Medical equipment

  • Testing supplies

  • Warehouse

  • Repair facility

To sell used medical equipment, first post the equipment on an auction site such as eBay to put the word out to the general public. Advertise the medical equipment in industry publications such as Medical Buyer. Visit trade groups such as the local chapter of the American Medical Association and network with doctors to let them know you have medical equipment for sale.

Look for dedicated sites for selling used medical equipment such as Med Marketplace that provide a venue for the industry without claiming commissions. This service makes their money through advertising and memberships. Other sites such as and among many others also provide a specialized venue for the sale of used medical equipment.

Sell the used medical equipment to a retail store that deals in used equipment. While they may pay less for the medical equipment because they need to build in their own mark-up, this can be a good avenue. It can save the time and resources used in running and ad or posting the items online.

Act as a reseller for medical groups that turn over their equipment. As a reseller, you can buy inventory in bulk to resell through a retail outlet or through online postings for additional profit. Have a testing and repair process set up. Arrange for disposal of equipment that cannot be fixed.

Advertise your services as a broker for used medical equipment. Make arrangements with facilities to call you when they have used equipment for sale and then call on contacts you’ve set up that you know purchase used equipment. Act as a middleman to save both companies from having to search for buyers and sellers.


Take time to thoroughly clean any used equipment before offering it for sale. Buyers see dirt as a sign that the equipment may not be in good working order or worth the price.


Do not sell broken or damaged medical equipment. A bad reputation could prevent you from selling more equipment in the future.