Everyone has things that they have outgrown or grown tired of, and selling these items at bargain prices from the back of your car can be a great way to line your wallet with extra cash. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and if you have a flair for closing sales, you may well turn a pretty penny in the car boot business.

Gather together all the things you would like to sell. They could be in any condition; you never know who could find a use for your old belongings.

Find local car boot sales. Check with local bulletin boards, youth groups, churches and community centers.

Attend a car boot sale and set up your stall. You may need to pay a minor fee to reserve your space at the market.

Set your item prices slightly higher than you expect them to sell for. This gives you room for haggling, and also creates the opportunity of more profit if buyers settle for asking price.

Assess buyers’ reactions during your sale. If sales are consistently too easy, you may be pricing your items too low. Adjust prices periodically to test and enhance your valuation skills.