Selling auto parts you find from a salvage yard requires knowing which parts sell the best. In-demand auto parts sell faster and at a higher price than those that are easy to locate. People who restore old cars and trucks need original parts to fit their automobiles, and parts that break more often may also need to be supplied to the marketplace. You can benefit from taking time to learn the tricks and techniques of making money from salvaged auto parts.

Talk to mechanics or automobile restorers about scarce auto parts. Work to locate discontinued auto parts or parts from certain models that frequently need repair. Your focus should be on finding and selling what is most in demand.

Discuss with the salvage yard owner if you may obtain a discount for large purchases or if he can bill you every 30 days. The 30-day window allows you time to sell the parts and make a profit before the bill comes due. Inspect several salvage yards in your area as you may find different types of car parts in each.

Look for free or low-cost ways of advertising. Place free ads on with pictures of the parts. Print flyers and ask to place them on store bulletin boards. Have business cards made up and give them to mechanics' shops or hand them out at car shows. Mechanics and car restorers may call you when trying to locate a hard-to-find auto part.

Set up an account on and auction off auto parts. Group several parts together or sell them individually. You may also set up a shop on ebay for a fee.


Keep track of your gas mileage when traveling to salvage yards as you can take the miles off on taxes if this becomes a small business.