Computer technicians repair both computer hardware and software. Computer technicians generally work on a variety of system types in addition to repairing personal computers. Computer technicians can work in many different environments, depending on the systems they repair and for whom they work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of workers in this field was $37,620, as of May 2009.

Repair Shops

The majority of computer repair technicians often work in well-lit, climate-controlled environments necessary for completing computer work, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Computer repair technicians must be able to see inside computers to replace and repair small components. Computers must be kept under climate control because of the sensitive nature of various components within the systems.

Business Environments

Repair technicians work on more than just personal computers and they often travel from business to business to complete their work. For example, some technicians work on automated teller machines and may travel from one bank location to another, working both inside and outside of banks, stores and convenience stores. In some cases, repair technicians may have to work in small or enclosed spaces because of where computer systems are located and how they are wired into a larger network.

Self-Employed Technicians

Self-employed technicians may work in a number of environments outside of the typical repair shop. Self-employed technicians may have their own shops which are similar to those they might work in if they were working for someone else, but some repair technicians also work out of the home and my use the garage or one particular room of the house for their repair shop. Some technicians travel to work on site in clients' homes or their offices and may encounter both pleasant and less than ideal working environments from time to time.

Other Requirements

Working as a computer technician can be physically demanding, especially for those who work on large systems such as ATMs. Heavy lifting may be required on occasion to replace existing systems. Computer repair technicians may also spend a considerable amount of time on their feet each day. They may need to work in an office environment and answer telephones to schedule their own appointments.