All-inclusive medical billing is a term used by software developers or medical-billing services to indicate that they help with all aspects of medical billing. Medical billing involves many components, and an all-inclusive system helps offices with every part of billing.


Medical billing components must create clear records for medical offices. More importantly, the billing must coordinate with dozens of insurance companies, complying with their guidelines for reimbursement. Additionally, billing must work with government health-care systems such as Medicare and Medicaid.


Some features that a comprehensive medical-billing service may offer include instant, online insurance eligibility verification, connectivity and coordinated billing with outside labs, online patient scheduling, integrated medical records and notes, primary and secondary claims submission, patient bills, reminder calling system, daily claims submissions, billing-code verification, and collections.

Outsource or In House

Some medical practices have in-house medical billing, generally utilizing an inclusive billing software, or a variety of different computer programs to accomplish the task. Other offices opt for outsourcing the work to an inclusive medical billing service. They may also outsource portions of the billing.