Selling goods at a flea market requires you to comply with all applicable laws. Flea market vendors must get a federal tax ID. In addition, many states and local governments require flea market vendors to obtain a permit to sell their goods. States often require vendors to apply for a state sales tax permit as well so that the state can receive the taxes you collect on the goods that you sell. Different states have different registration procedures, so it's important to find out the requirements of the state where you want to sell your goods.

Apply for an employee identification number through the Internal Revenue Service. You need an EIN because the federal government classifies flea market vendors as small business owners. You will also need to provide an EIN to complete the paperwork for a flea market permit.

Navigate to your state's business or tax portal to find out if you need a permit to sell at a flea market. These permits might have names such as Use and Sales Tax License or Permit, Reseller Certificate, Reseller Permit or Certificate of Resale.

Fill out the paperwork to apply for the permit you need. Required information includes your name and EIN. Some states offer online applications for permits. You might also need to pay a fee to receive the permit.


Local tax collectors might be on site at the flea market to collect taxes due to your local government. This usually occurs at the close of the event.

Display your flea market permit in a location that customers and tax collectors can easily see.


State government regulations change often. Check your state's business or tax portal regularly to stay up to date.