Requirements for a Handyman License in Indiana

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The requirements for a handyman license in Indiana are not rigorous. A handyman must have a resale permit, a business license and an assumed/fictitious name certificate -- also known as a doing business as (d/b/a or DBA) certificate.

Business License

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The Indiana business license has a registration tax, and applying for it is required. This license provides a flat tax assessment as well as a percentage on the gross income from the handyman business.

Resale Permit

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The state resale permit tracks the tangibles that are resold in the course of business. This allows the state to collect sales tax on items sold. In addition, the permit serves as proof of business activity and allows the handyman to purchase supplies and items used at wholesale pricing.


Doing Business As Certificate

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A handyman in Indiana must also obtain a DBA registration, which secures the trade name. Additional licensing may become necessary if the handyman chooses to work as a plumbing contractor. In Indiana, only plumbing contractors need to be licensed.