Registering for a business license for your online business in the state of Nevada could be profitable. Nevada does not have a state income tax. Also, small businesses and your online business can have a single person in all of the corporate positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer, unlike most state charters, which require at least three officers. Having a sole director abolishes any joint liabilities. You do need a license for your online business. In Nevada, it may be worth your while.

Businesses Required to Obtain a State Business License

By federal law, unless your online business is registered as a 501(c), which is a nonprofit type of organization, or unless you have a motion picture business, are earning below 66 2/3 percent of the average wage as outlined by the Nevada Department of Taxation, or renting four or fewer dwellings, you are required to file for a state business license. For all other businesses in Nevada, with a few exceptions, it is mandatory.

In Addition to the Business License

To register an online business in Nevada, you will also need an Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a federal tax identification number, fro the IRS. In addition, businesses that operate in Nevada are required to register one or more tax-specific identification numbers including numbers for a seller's permit tax and for unemployment insurance tax. You can apply online (see Resource section) or mail in your downloaded application (see Reference section).

Trade Show Licensing

Trade shows, conventions, craft shows, sporting events and other exhibitions in Nevada can be useful for the display of goods and services. If you are not from Nevada but are exhibiting your products or services in the state, the person or government entity that operates the convention facility is responsible for paying your license fee. You are responsible for your business license from your state to solicit your products or services online.

License Fee

There is a fee of $100 required with the application for your online business license, which must be renewed annually. To terminate your license, submit a written statement to the department at least 10 days before your license's anniversary date to avoid a penalty for non-payment of an additional $100. If you purchase property for storage, you will also need a Use Tax account, which you can get when you register your business at no additional cost.