How to Get a Sales Tax ID Number in Florida

by Gail Sessoms ; Updated September 26, 2017
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Florida assigns an individual sales tax certificate number to a business to use as its sales tax ID number. The state requires the certificate number for certain businesses, which use it to collect, pay and report taxes and fees. Businesses use Florida’s registration and application system to request a tax sales certificate number online, by mail or in person.

Sales Tax Certificate Number

The Florida sales tax certificate number is an identification number for registered businesses. The state’s Department of Revenue lists the tax categories and related activities that require the number. The nine categories include sales and use, gross receipts, communication services, pollutants and documentary stamp. If your business falls into one of the tax categories, review the related activities listed for that category. For instance, documentary stamp activities include title loans, self-financing car dealers, banks and mortgage companies.

Registration and Application

Register and apply online at the Florida Department of Revenue website or download the Florida Business Tax Application to complete and mail. If your business activities fall into tax categories that involve fuels, pollutants and secondhand dealers, download the designated form to register for taxes and licenses. Nonprofit and government agencies download the Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption application to request limited exemption from sales and use tax. Register for each tax category that applies to your business activities.

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Information Needed to Apply

The information required on the application depends on the business type. Enter the legal business name and fiscal year, as well as the owner’s name, Social Security number, contact information and a description of the business activities. You also need a federal employer identification number, or EIN, from the Internal Revenue Service. Information requirements differ a little for sole proprietors and trusts. Include the appropriate legal signature to the application. For instance, the owner signs for a sole proprietor.

Attachments and Feed

Attach to your application the additional documents required for your tax category. For instance, if the business hires self-employed service providers, you will need to complete and attach the Independent Contractor Analysis form. Review the application instructions for information about your tax category. If applicable, pay one of the two registration fees. In 2015, Florida charged a $30 fee for solid waste and a $5 fee for other tax categories.

Certificate and Number

If you register and apply online, you receive a confirmation number. After a few days, use that number to log in and retrieve your sales tax number. The state will mail you a Certificate of Registration for your registered tax category, or a Notice of Liability. Resellers get the Florida Annual Resale Certificate. Florida also sends you forms and instructions to file if you do not enroll electronically. Use your sales tax ID number with your Florida sales tax account to deposit taxes collected and to pay taxes, fees and surcharges.

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