How to Look Up a State Employer Identification Number

by Nancy Wagner; Updated September 26, 2017

Finding a state employer identification number, also referred to as a state EIN, can be tricky if it's not in the obvious place. Knowing the state EIN is a necessity if you need to file an income tax return. You also need the number if you want to talk to the IRS about how much money to withhold on the IRS Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, the form you provide to your employer so they take the right amount of taxes out of your paycheck.

Review Tax Forms

Take a look at box 15 of the W-2 form provided by your employer. The nine-digit number in box 15 is your employer's state EIN. Don't confuse the number with the Employer Identification Number that appears in box b. The number that shows in box b is a federal –– not state –– tax identification number.

Contact the Department of Revenue

You can contact the Department of Revenue of the state in which you deal with the business to get the company's state EIN. If the company has offices in more than one state, it needs separate EIN numbers for each one. The Internal Revenue Service provides a list of state government websites you can search to find contact information for your state's Department of Revenue. When you contact the department, provide as much information as possible about the company, including its full legal name and mailing address in that state.

Give The Company a Call

Your best bet to get a company's state EIN may be making a telephone call to the business. Ask someone in human resources or in the accounting department to look up the number. If you were an employee, be prepared to explain that you need the number for tax filing purposes.

States Without Income Tax

If you can't find a company's EIN number after trying the previous tips, the company may be located in a state that does not collect state income tax. According to Intuit Turbo Tax, seven states, Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming, do not have a state income tax. In addition, New Hampshire and Tennessee only assess taxes on interest and dividend income, so companies in these two states may not have a state EIN number.


  • If you're unable to obtain your employer's state EIN number to complete your tax return by April 15, file the return anyway so you don't get charged penalties for filing late.

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