In order to run a business in Gwinnett County, Ga., you must apply for and receive a Gwinnett County business license. This holds true whether you are a sole proprietor with a home-based business, a corporation or a limited liability corporation (LLC).

Things You Will Need
  • Gwinnett County business license application

  • PDF reader software (optional)

  • Photocopy of Georgia driver's license or commercial lease agreement

  • Affidavit forms (optional)

Print out a business license application from the Gwinnett County Licensing and Revenue Office's website. You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. If you don't have Internet access, call the office at 678-377-4100 to have the forms mailed to you.

Fill out the application form. The information you provide will include the date your business was formed, your federal tax identification number and your projected gross revenues from customers in Georgia. You also will provide general information such as your business address and number of employees.

Prove your residency by attaching a photocopy of your Georgia driver's license if you are a home-based business or a copy of your lease agreement if you are a commercial business. Attach copies of any occupational or professional licenses required for your business by the state licensing board.

Print and fill out an affidavit from the Licensing and Revenue Office's website if you are the sole owner of a business or the sole member of an LLC. Affidavit A is for American citizens, while Affidavit B is for qualified foreign-born residents and nonimmigrants.

Mail your form to Gwinnett County Licensing & Revenue, P.O. Box 1045, Lawrenceville GA 30046 and wait to be billed. To submit your application in person, go to 750 S. Perry St., Suite 300, in Lawrenceville.

Pay the $80 flat fee for the Gwinnett County business license, plus an additional fee based on your gross revenue.


Once you have processed the initial application for a Gwinnett County business license, you can renew your license online at the Licensing & Revenue website.


A Gwinnett County business license may not be the only document you need in order to operate legally. Your specific business may require a federal license. Also, incorporating your business will require different paperwork.