How to Get Dealer's License in Ontario, Canada

by Andrew Cowie; Updated September 26, 2017
Ontario has strict guidelines on dealer licenses.

Car dealers act as the middleman between the car buyer and the vehicle manufacturer. Selling automobiles in Ontario, Canada, requires a license issued by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council. The council is made up of 8,800 dealers in Canada, and enforces the provincial registration of the dealers. Applying for a license requires reviewing and filling out several applications.

Step 1

Check if you qualify for dealership in Ontario. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and not been refused or revoked by the council within the last two years. You must not be in disregard with the Ministry of Revenue or the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund.

Step 2

Pay the fee. New dealers must pay a $500 fee, followed by annual renewal fee of $250, as of publication. You can submit the payment in person or mail a money order or check to the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (; 789 Don Millis Road, Suite 800, Toronto, ON, M3C IT5).

Step 3

Fill out the required forms from the New Dealer Registration Kit. Go to the council website ( Click on "Registration" under the "Forms" heading. Open "Dealer Registration Kit" from the list that follows. Complete the following forms from the kit: Business Application, Individual Application and Salesperson Change Notices. Either mail or hand in the applications in person to the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council.

Step 4

Complete the Certification Course if necessary. According to the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council website, you will be required to complete the Certification Course as a contingency to your dealership registration. Usually this applies to dealers who will be running the day-to-day operations of a dealership. Complete the Georgian College's ( part-time student registration form to apply. Submit the form to the college by mail or fax. Make payment of $345 in person, according to May 2011 requirements.

Step 5

Wait for your application to be reviewed. Approvals and reviews of applications usually take between four to six weeks. If you are approved, a registration number and a certificate will be mailed to the address specified on your application. At this point you are considered ready to start working as a car dealer.

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