When you sell a business that you own completely or in part, you will want to inquire with your financial institution how to transfer the doing-business-as (DBA) title to the purchaser. The process may vary slightly in each state.

Things You Will Need
  • Form from the division of corporations in your state

  • Notary

  • Envelope

  • Stamps

Contact your state's government office that houses its division of corporations or corporations department to obtain the form to be used to change the DBA. This information sometimes can be found and printed from the state's website. If not, you can contact the office by phone to have the form sent to you.

Fill out the form with the required information. This usually includes the business name, where the business is located, the names and addresses of the owners of the DBA and contact information for the new owner.

Make an appointment with a notary. Certified notaries often can be found at a bank, post office or local government building.

Meet with the notary, and make sure both the previous and new owners are present. Both must sign the form in front of the notary for the notary to sign off on the agreement.

Mail the completed application with any additional information that may be required to the address provided from the division of corporations. You may need copies of paperwork from the original owner proving ownership, so check your state's requirements before mailing the agreement.