The State of Indiana requires any business selling or serving alcohol on its premises must obtain a liquor license. To obtain an Indiana liquor license a business owner can either apply for a new license or transfer ownership of an existing license. The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission handles all liquor license purchases and transfers at their offices for any and all businesses located in Indiana.

Call the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (ATC) at 317-232-2430 to obtain an application for transfer of ownership of a liquor license. You can request for this to be mailed to you or you can pick it up from the ATC office.

Complete your transfer of ownership application by entering your personal information, your business information and the information of the business and owner who currently holds the liquor license you wish to have transferred.

Call the current owner of the liquor license and have him or her sign a consent form stating that he or she wants to transfer ownership of his or her liquor license to your business.

Gather together four copies of the floor plan of your business with the date and your signature on each, your articles of incorporation, proof of ownership or a signed lease for your business location showing you as the owner or occupant and property tax clearance from your local county treasurer.

Mail or deliver your transfer of ownership application, the consent to transfer ownership form and all of the items listed in Step 4 to the ATC along with the appropriate fee required for license transfers. Contact the ATC for the correct fee amount, as it differs based on the type of business entity you run. You will be contacted by the ATC when your license transfer request has been approved or denied.

Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission Indiana Government Center South, Room E-114 302 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204


If you are planning to change the location of your business, you must request a transfer of location form from the ATC to provide with your other documentation to complete the transfer process.