The state of California requires all employees in residential care facilities and group homes to undergo a background check prior to employment. Often called Live Scan, fingerprints are captured digitally and sent to the Department of Justice. If no criminal record history is on file, a clearance will be sent to the care home, and the employee can begin work. Employees who change jobs from one licensed facility to another, or those required to work at multiple facilities owned by the same company, can transfer their fingerprints instead of undergoing the background process again.

Check the current status of your fingerprint clearance by contacting the local Community Care Licensing Division. An active fingerprint clearance must be on file for fingerprints to be transferred between licensed facilities.

Download and fill out California Community Care Licensing (CCL) form lic9812: "Criminal Background Clearance Transfer Request" (see Resources).

Contact your local CCL office to request their fax number. The phone numbers for each county office can be obtained on the CCL website (see Resources). Fax the transfer request form to your nearest CCL office. Wait seven to 10 days for a letter concerning your fingerprint transfer status.

Contact your local CCL office if you don't receive a letter within 10 days, and ask them if your transfer has been completed.