Convert a travel trailer into a mobile office if you do a lot of traveling or need a quiet space to work. Travel trailers are ideal for the transformation as they already have a small bathroom and the utility connections are common all over the United States. The 12-volt electrical system has been modified in most travel trailers to accept standard 110 connections for your office equipment. Travel trailers are also pre-wired with phone jacks, making it simple to connect your phone and fax machine. It is just a matter of re-purposing the living quarters to suit your needs.

Things You Will Need
  • Office chair

  • Filing cabinet

The dining area is an ideal place to set up your mobile office. Travel trailers normally have a table for dining. Many of these convert into a sleeping area. When used as a desk, the table can be adapted by just setting your computer up.

You will want to look closely at the chairs that the travel trailer is equipped with. Most are uncomfortable for more than an hour at a time. Consider replacing them with at least one good office chair. This is important if you will be spending several hours at your new travel trailer office.

Convert the overhead cabinets to suit your needs. The overhead cabinets make ideal places for storing office supplies, files and manuals. When the doors are closed, your office is neat and tidy, hiding any mess you may have made.

Identify any equipment you may need. If you need a copier or fax machine, the kitchen counter is a good place consider, though try to keep the sink area clear as water and electronics are not good companions.

Older campers may have a shelf above the tongue of the travel trailer. This is a good location for any equipment that needs a permanent location while keeping your work area clear.

Store a two-drawer filing cabinet in the closet. With floor space at a premium in a travel trailer, the closet is an ideal place for storing both active and inactive files. They are handy when you need them and do not take up valuable real estate in your alternative office quarters.

Use the refrigerator and kitchen sink for storing refreshments and quick cleanup. By keeping the refrigerator and kitchen sink available, you will have an ideal way to keep yourself focused on your work rather than going somewhere for coffee or lunch. This will save you time and money when you work in your mobile office.


Most built-in couches, beds and cabinets house wiring, sensors and plumbing.