Herman Miller is a brand of office equipment and one major product the company distributes is the office cubicle. This is an option for any office because it allows you to make changes at any time. Unlike standard walls, a cubicle setup allows you to expand the office, shrink or rearrange it, which is convenient for reorganizing space when the number of employees changes and new projects require people to work in different office styles.

Things You Will Need
  • Tape

  • Licensed electrician

Mark the perimeter for the cubicle. Read the instruction manual for the particular layout that your cubicle kit will create. Lay strips of tape on the ground in the form of the layout for the walls.

Lay the electrical and non-electrical wall bases along the tape lines. Contact a licensed electrician to wire the electrical bases of the cubicles. The electrician will need to run wires along some bases and connect the wires to a power source and the electrical outlets in the cubicle bases.

Insert the bottom of a wall panel into the slot of a base. Do the same for a panel next to this one.

Slide a draw panel into the base where the two panels connect. Insert the connecting edges of the panels into the slot on the sides of the rod.

Repeat the process of installing each wall of the cubicle in the base and the the slots of the connecting edges. Do this until you have assembled all of the walls that make up the cubicle.

Assemble a corner with the two-way connector corner piece. Slide the corner piece into the corner of the base. Insert the connecting point of the two corner panels into the corresponding side of the corner piece. The panels should snap into place. Do the same for each corner.


Masking or electrical tape will work well for making layout markings. Do not use anything as strong as electrical tape because a very sticky tape could leave residue that will damage a floor.