Office work environments should be kept in clean and pristine condition at all times. All offices must adhere to cleaning standards and especially those that are open to the public. If cleaning is completed by different employees at different times, all cleaning employees should follow the same cleaning standards to ensure uniform cleaning is conducted.


Supplies may vary by specific office standards, but in general, supplies include: janitor’s cart with waste container, trash can liners, vacuum cleaner, spray and wipe cleansers with an antibacterial agent, glass cleanser, furniture polish, dust cloths, wipers and gloves. Supplies can be taken away or added as needed.

Safety First

It is important to take safety precautions before engaging in cleaning operations, as the cleaning crew members are dealing with bacteria-infected areas that produce germs. Janitors must wear gloves at all times and take care in high traffic areas when cleaning. Control of the vacuum cleaner is also important so as not to endanger others who could trip and fall on the vacuum itself or its power cord. Doorways should not be blocked in the cleaning process.

General Area Cleaning

All waste baskets should be emptied, wiped down and the liner replaced at least once a day, twice a day if necessary. All horizontal areas should be dusted properly and walls should be spot checked and cleaned accordingly each day. Walls and doors should thoroughly cleaned each week. Telephones and any other desktop equipment should be wiped down with spray and wiped with antibacterial cleaner everyday. All vinyl furniture should be sprayed and wiped down each day as well. Spray and wipe cleaner can also be used to clean water spots from water fountains or other metal surfaces in other parts of the office at least twice during the workday, more if necessary.


Bathrooms especially must be kept clean and odor-free. Toilets, urinals and surrounding areas are to wiped down with antibacterial spray carefully as needed. Counter-tops are be keep clear of excess water or other clutter. Paper dispensers must be replenished each day or whenever they become empty. Soap dispensers should be monitored each day and filled accordingly.

Glass Surfaces

Glass cleaner can be sprayed onto wipers or directly on glass surfaces and wiped thoroughly this includes glass entry ways, bathroom glass and other glass surfaces. Glass surfaces should be wiped and cleaned frequently throughout day, as they are easily spotted and smudged.


All carpeted floors should be vacuumed and bathrooms are to be swept and mopped each day or shift, whichever is applicable. Entry ways that are not carpeted must also be swept and mopped each day. Carpets and mats must be spot cleaned for bright appearance at the end of each workday. Heavy duty carpet shampooing should be done once a month.