Refinery Safety Meeting Topics

by Michelle Hickman ; Updated September 26, 2017
Meeting members discuss project safety management regulations concerning refinery safety.

Refineries process oil and natural gas into usable applications for equipment in commercial companies and residential lifestyles. Refinery owners, operators and management staff hold meetings to discuss safety issues in operations and adhering to federal standards. Safety topics focus on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Process Safety Management regulation developed by the Clean Air Act Amendment.

Safety Information

Meetings discuss the identification of chemical hazards and the processes that can release the chemicals on working employees. By identifying the hazards, employers can create written documentation so that workers will have this information at hand during any type of hazardous spill. Employers must draw up this written process safety information concerning chemicals used during operations, chemicals created by equipment and the type of equipment.

Hazard Analysis

Topics talked about at refinery safety meetings involve assessment of hazards. This assessment evaluates previous chemical releases, the consequences these effects had on the work operations and the health of workers affected by the chemical release. Refinery owners and management staff discuss the best ways in developing a hazard control system that will prevent chemical hazards and outline emergency response procedures in case of accidents.

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Refinery Operational Procedures

Safety practices for employees to implement during operation procedures is another topic handled at the meetings. The meeting members review current procedures regarding personal protective equipment, fire safety and employee training manuals on operating equipment. Employers also discuss the correct procedures for inspections and the proper way to conduct corrective measures toward employees who violate company safety policies.

Employee Involvement

Employers talk about worker involvement in the written procedures for process management. Worker input can help develop accident prevention plans for chemical spills. Refinery safety meetings also discuss making available all information regarding hazard assessment to workers. By involving workers in the safety meetings, employers have an easier time identifying refinery hazards and ensuring workers know the proper procedures to report accidents.

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