How to Write a Safety Report

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A safety report is constructed and written by companies in various industries. It is commonly written by companies that deal with machinery, equipment of various types and items that require manual maintenance to ensure a safe environment for workers. When you write a safety report, you not only need to outline each piece of machinery or equipment that can be a hazard to workers, but you also need to create a maintenance schedule with tasks.

Write an introduction outlines the purpose of the safety report. For example, the report could focus on preventing dangerous situations in the work place, informing workers how to perform specific tasks on specific machinery or how to complete maintenance on equipment.

Write a list of each piece of equipment or machinery you want to cover in the safety report. You should also provide a brief description of each item, including its purpose, what products it creates and how it is maintained to ensure it is functioning in a safe manner.

Identify the equipment or machinery that serves more than one purpose. For example, one item could perform two tasks in a company, such as scaffolding and ladders. You need to outline each task and provide a list of how each task is performed. This can teach employees how to use the equipment in the safest manner possible.

Outline the basic maintenance procedures for each piece of equipment. You should outline the responsibilities of the employees and what tasks are completed by an outside source, if applicable. It is important that workers know their responsibilities when it comes to safety maintenance of equipment.

Make a schedule of the annual checks or tests that need to run on the equipment, particularly if it is the responsibility of the employees.

Write a section outlining the basic repairs or faults that have been present in the past or are common for specific types of machinery. If possible, provide a troubleshooting list of things to do, should the equipment fail or need repairs.

Have a manager or supervisor look over the report to see if all of the equipment in the facility or business has been covered.


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