An installation report is a document that describes in detail the correct installation procedures. This can involve a machine, a device or an appliance. When you write an installation report, it must be kept organized and detailed. While there is no proper format required for an installation report, you should include the basic installation steps, safety concerns and installation checklists sections to help the reader understand what the installation requires and why. Organize the sections in the order they are needed, so give an introduction of the device being installed and the safety precautions before the installation process.

Write an introduction to your installation report. This should include a description of the item being installed, its function and why it is important to install it correctly. For example, for an oven explain how it is an appliance for the kitchen used to cook warm meals. Explain that proper installation is necessary to avoid fires or gas leaks.

Provide a list of safety icons or images the person may encounter during the installation process. This can include electrical dangers, possibility of gas leak or sharp edges. Explain each danger and what picture accompanies what safety issue.

List all of the potential dangers that emerge during the installation process. This can be electrical sparks when installing an electrical box, for example.

Create a checklist that gives the user the ability to inspect the item for installation to ensure everything is intact prior to the installation process. Inform the reader that if something is broken on the device, installation should not be attempted.

Write a step-by-step instructional manual that guides the reader through the entire installation process. The manual must be detailed, so the user knows exactly what he is doing at all time. For example, write "Unpack the device from the box and remove all of the packaging and protective paper." Write for beginners and do not take any knowledge for granted.

Provide detailed sketches or images of the item being installed. If the installation requires assembly, images can be quite helpful to show the reader how pieces are attached to one another.

Create illustrations to show the reader how specific levels, such as water or battery levels, should appear after installation, if applicable. Illustrations can help show the reader whether the installation is done correctly. If there is a possibility that the water or battery levels can alter during or directly after installation, let the reader know. For example, the water levels in a toilet bowl can alter after installation as the water needs to run its course in the pipes.

Write a conclusion that focuses on the importance of item management and maintenance. Indicate improper actions, such as placing heavy items on top of the device, that may cause the equipment to break or function inadequately if it is not maintained properly.

Save the installation report as a PDF file. This will ensure that no one except yourself can change or update report as required.