How to Write a QA Report

by Doug Hewitt ; Updated September 26, 2017
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QA is an abbreviation for quality assurance. Quality assurance is characterized by systematic activities designed to provide assurance that the quality requirements of a service or a product are being met. The word quality can mean different things to different people, and it is therefore important to know what the quality requirements are for a system. For example, if a manufacturer makes bolts that are 1 inch in length, quality assurance may be implemented to provide assurance that the bolts are within a hundredth of an inch longer or shorter than one inch. In this respect, if a bolt measured in a quality audit falls within that window of length, it meets the quality standard.

Begin your QA report with the title, date and the name of the author. The title should be descriptive, such as “Weekly QA Audit of Software Testing,” or something similar.

Follow with an abstract section. This is a summary of the contents of the report. Generally, upper levels of management may read only the abstract to decide whether they need to read the rest of the report. All of the major findings of the report should be listed in the abstract section in concise language.

Include a section on background information following the abstract section. Describe the historical results of similar quality audits and any past quality problems that are related to what is discussed in the report. Include information about the dates covered by the quality audit and which department was covered. Describe the general scope of the purpose of the report. Describe why the report was written and what aspects of quality are covered in the report. If there was a particular reason for the report was called for, state it.

Write a section with findings next. In this section, describe the findings of the quality assurance activity or audit. Include facts and figures in this section, along with any other data obtained. Any calculations that were conducted in the QA function should be included here.

Finish the QA report with a section on conclusions. Include any discussion about the findings in this section. An assessment should be made in this section about whether the quality assurance procedures within the organization are being followed.


  • Using simple language that is easy to understand will help readers within an organization to better manage the quality of a product or service.

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