The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that sprains, strains and tears continue to be the dominant types of occupational injuries occurring to all workers. You can help reduce work-related injuries and the absences they cause by addressing workplace safety topics in special meetings.

OSHA Resources


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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is concerned with work safety for most private sector, federal and government employees. Its website contains a large amount of free information on many topics that is useful for planning workplace safety meetings. Visitors can research employers' safety records, find the most common causes of illness and injury in their workplaces, and check up on specific hazards, such as chemicals or the safety standards for handling certain types of machinery. OSHA publications available online include safety and health topics pages, which are viewable in browser applications such as Google Docs. A wide range of subjects includes such topics as pandemic influenza, the dangers of amputation in the workplace, and safety for workers in the hospital industry.

Workplace Safety Tips Resource


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A list of over 70 free articles, each of them dealing with a different safety topic, is available online from Team leaders can use the facts and tips along with extra research to build a customizable and credible presentation on workplace safety issues. Topics cover industrial subjects like ladder safety, construction safety and basic electrical safety. The site also covers modern topics pertaining to Internet safety. Use of safety glasses, safe footwear and lifting techniques are also covered. Some of the articles are specifically crafted to use humor and games to help get the message across. These types of topics are helpful when teaching younger employees about the subject and trying to reach workers who “zone out” or daydream during boring talks, by getting them involved and participating in the learning process.

A List of Workplace Safety Meeting Topics


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Andrew Latendre, CHSC, president of Advanced Consulting and Training Limited, offers a free list of formal topics suitable for junior and senior staff safety meetings at his website, He also offers tips such as inviting expert safety professionals into meetings and staging mock accidents to test staff responses and company policies. Topics included are reviews of the previous month’s safety inspection records, rules about special hazards, and policies regarding the safety of guests visiting the company.