Personnel training, also known as employee training, means training employees on operating procedures and standards. It also increases employees' productivity and knowledge. Free Management Library states that employee training increases efficiency, effectiveness and productivity along with morale and job satisfaction.


Reasons for personnel training include improving performance, training on a specific topic and as part of a professional development initiative, according to Free Management Library. It can also be used to test out new management systems.


Training the employee can take place prior to the employee performing the activity. It can also take place during the job, known as on-the-job training, which, according to the National Business Center at the U.S. Department of the Interior, is "one of the best training methods," as it is organized, planned and conducted on-site.


According to Free Management Library, training topics generally include:

  • safety
  • sexual harassment
  • ethics
  • computer skills
  • communications
  • quality initiatives
  • diversity

All are meant to increase the employee's knowledge and ability to handle the various issues, such as dealing with people with different morals and values, in the workplace.