The human resources department is responsible for handling the company's needs by focusing on its employees. HR representatives manage payroll, hiring and employee relations for the business. The HR department also is essential in providing workers with informative seminars to improve understanding of company policies and provide valuable training. While no seminar is simplistic, there are certain basic topics that are relatively easy for the competent HR representative to plan and present.


An easy topic for HR to design a seminar around that is interesting to all is employee benefits. This is an opportunity to explain the benefits package, which commonly includes health insurance, life insurance and retirement. The presenter needs to explain the time frame in which benefits become available and details on each particular element in the package.

Time Management

A helpful topic for HR to give a seminar on is time management. Give tips on how to organize the workday, prioritize tasks and decrease distractions. This provides workers with ways to be more efficient and productive. According to the website, learning to manage your time better makes for less stress and higher quality of life.

Employee Conflicts

What might seem a difficult topic on the surface but can actually be presented in an easy straightforward manner is the topic of employee conflict. The HR manager can list several strategies for solving interpersonal issues. These include learning to listen and repeat what is said for clarity, removing yourself from a conflict until you have cooled off and are learning to speak positively and brainstorm for solutions with the person with which you are in conflict. According to the Human Resources Department at UC Berkeley, after brainstorming for solutions, it is important for the employees in conflict to decide on a course of action.

Safety in the Workplace

Safety is a always a hot topic with immeasurable value. Inform your employees of easy ways to keep themselves and fellow workers from harm. The most important aspect to get across is that employees must follow company policies to ensure a safe workplace. You should also address disease prevention, because this is a safety issue as well. For example, the simple act of washing hands following restroom visits will reduce the spreading of disease.


A seminar topic that will draw positive attention from your staff is promotions. Explain how workers are chosen for promotions to management. Highlight the factors that make for excellent leadership including communicating well, visionary attitude, decision-making skills and the ability to put a plan of action into effect.