Food safety is one of the most important tasks given to a restaurant manager and staff; policies and procedures must be followed in order to ensure that food-borne illnesses are not allowed to spread.


The most important policy to follow is proper handwashing procedures. Hang a handwashing poster over each sink, and ensure that all team members follow it religiously.


When storing food, always follow the FIFO plan: First In, First Out. Newer food is to be stored behind or on the bottom of the stacks, leaving older food more likely to be used first.


Follow all state laws in regards to dishwashing procedures. Use a three sink method, utilizing wash, rinse and sanitize procedures. Keep test strips nearby to test sanitizer water frequently.


Tables must be cleaned and sanitized after each customer. Sanitizer water should be kept in separate buckets for this use, and it should be changed frequently.

Sick Employees

Employees with coughs, sneezing or other symptoms should stay home so as not to infect fellow workers.


Use digital thermometers to test food temperature frequently throughout the day. Cold food should be below 40 degrees, hot food above 140. Any food that is not within the desired range should be immediately discarded.