Good communications with your company’s vendors is essential to maintaining a smoothly functioning supply chain. When your business relocates, you want to make sure all of your suppliers are notified and have time to update contact and shipping information. A change-of-address letter isn’t difficult to prepare, but you need to do a bit of planning. Avoid leaving this task until the last minute.

Compile a comprehensive mailing list of your company’s vendors. Start making the list at least six weeks before the effective date of the business relocation, so you can mail out the change of address letters early. You might need to send more than one letter in some cases. For example, a vendor may have an ordering and shipping department that is separate from its billing offices. You would need to notify both.

Put the change-of-address information only in the body of the letter to vendors. Use your company letterhead or put your current address and contact information in the salutation or closing of the letter following your usual business letter format.

Tell vendors that your business is relocating in the first paragraph of the letter and give the date of the change. The actual move may take several days, so give the exact date on which correspondence and shipments must be sent to the new address. Explain why the company is moving. For example, telling suppliers the company is expanding and needs a larger facility lets them know what’s going on in a way that creates a favorable impression. If there will be a period during which operations are shut down, state the dates the business will be closed.

Put the new street address of the business in the second paragraph. If the mailing address will be different than the street address, include it as well. Provide any other contact information that is changing, such as phone numbers. Mail the change-of-address letter at least three weeks before the move so vendors have time to update their records. Finally, furnish a phone number or email address for vendors to ask questions if necessary.


Follow up your letter with an email requesting confirmation that the change-of-address letter was received and reminding vendors of the upcoming relocation. You may want to post the change of address on your website and social media pages as well. Provide the web addresses of these sites in the letter and in the email.