Whether you're a business or an individual who has employed the services of a cleaning company, you may at some point need to terminate your contract with that agency. Reasons for termination might include substandard work, consistent tardiness, rude employees and overall unreliability. It is important that you cancel your contract properly in order to protect yourself legally and to maintain personal integrity in the way that you do business.

Read the contract carefully. Be sure that you are abiding by the terms of your agreement in regard to the time frame, conditions and manner of cancellation. For instance, some contracts may state that you cannot cancel before one year is up unless you have proof of the cleaning service not fulfilling its responsibilities.

Put your termination in writing. Include your name, place of business (if applicable), date, the name of the cleaning company and your reason for canceling. If there were problems concerning the work, give the exact problems, along with the dates on which they were observed. If there were no problems, but the time of the contract has run out and you no longer need their services, state this as well.

Deliver your document of cancellation by hand to the appropriate person. Explain what you are delivering and why. If you mail the document, be sure to call and inform the appropriate person that you have mailed a cancellation document.


Be willing to calmly discuss your reasons for canceling if the other party wants to do so. The cleaning company may be able to benefit from your feedback.


Remain professional. Do not use inflammatory speech (such as name calling) or rudeness.