When government agencies or businesses need transportation or logistic services, they issue solicitation documents like requests for proposals or requests for bids. They do this in order to get the best price possible from the best quality of contractor possible. You can gather these solicitation documents from the purchasing department of either the business or government agency. If you call this department, they will direct you to where they post their solicitations that are open for bidding or they can send them to you directly by mail, e-mail or fax. Once you have the documents, you can begin putting together your bid proposal.

Read the solicitation documents from cover to back. Everything you need to know in order to write your bid proposal is in these documents. Utilizing a highlighter or some form of marking will make it easier to find vital information when putting together your proposal since these documents can be hundreds of pages long.

Include a price quote to provide the transportation and logistic services requested by the government agency or business. Consider not only the labor, but also the cost of gas and maintenance to the vehicle doing the transporting. In addition to the quote, include what specific services you are providing for the quoted price.

Include information on your business and your services. Include information on how long you have been in business, high-profile projects you have worked on and what sets you apart from your competition; for example, if you offer hazardous waste transportation.

Include references. Not all solicitation documents will specifically ask you to include references in your bid proposal. However, adding a reference page at the end of your bid proposal allows the business or government agency to check on your prior work to ensure your quality of service or product.

Check over the grammar and spelling of your bid proposal and make sure you turn it in on time. If you do not turn your bid proposal on time, it is void and you will not be considered as a possible contractor.