Every company, regardless of the industry, has administrative duties that need to be handled in order for the company to run efficiently. These duties are often performed by a secretary, receptionist, administrative assistant, executive assistant or office manager. In smaller companies, where such roles may not exist, employees must work together to ensure that administrative duties are completed.

Storing Information

Filing important documents in appropriate places in a timely manner is an administrative duty that includes placing folders in file cabinets or documents in online document-management programs. Accurate filing systems ensure employees have access to financial records, client records and research.

Finding Information

Researching information for clients, managers and co-workers either online, in office filing systems or in books is an essential administrative duty that helps businesses have the information necessary to start and finish projects. This information is often compiled, summarized, distributed to the necessary persons and presented in a report or a spreadsheet.

Answering Phones

Whether you own an advertising agency or a laundromat, customers will call in with questions about products and services, hours of operation, requests for information or with questions about pricing. Answering these calls and tending to customers' needs is an administrative duty that can affect the success or failure of a corporation. Ineffective communication with potential customers can leave a bad impression of the organization. It's important the person performing this administrative duty is personable, courteous and knowledgeable about the company.

Greeting Visitors

As a visitor enters an office, a receptionist or secretary is usually seated at the door to say “hello,” welcome the visitor to the job site, assist with questions and direct him to the appropriate person, office or division. Whether it's a delivery person dropping off a package or a customer coming in for a scheduled appointment, greeting visitors is an essential administrative duty.

Buying Equipment and Supplies

Keeping supply rooms and cabinets stocked with paper, pens and other office supplies is an administrative duty. Tasks assigned to this positions include taking orders from other employees, tracking orders, dispersing items upon arrival and handling invoices, usually in conjunction with the finance team.

Create and Manage Written Communications

Besides composing emails and business letters to creating reports, spreadsheets and databases, administrative duties also include creating and managing the distribution of these written communications. Whether these communications are for fellow employees or clients, the tasks are completed using word processing and spreadsheet programs to create professional, concise documents.

Meeting Preparation

Setting up conference rooms and meeting rooms, making catering arrangements, ordering and setting up audio-visual equipment and preparing agendas fall in the category of administrative duties. These key duties are essential when companies have conferences or client meetings at or away from the office.