Office protocol are attitudes, etiquette rules and guidelines for behavior that encompass the best way to act at work. It derives from social conventions, but also from laws that protect people from being harassed on the job.

Office Protocol Specialist

An office protocol specialist is a consultant to businesses. She advises clients on matters such as conflict resolution and sexual harassment procedures. Office protocol specialists create training programs that help employees learn the boundaries of politically and socially acceptable behavior and thus help a company function more efficiently, as well as to avoid lawsuits.

Preventing Conflict

Preventing conflict and properly addressing it when it occurs in the workplace are the goals of office protocol. A good set of written procedures, along with training and proper implementation of conflict resolution policies helps achieve this goal. Employees must have clear avenues in which to address conflict with step-by-step written procedures for management to get involved when needed.

Pleasant, Productive Workplace

Small behaviors are an important part of office protocol. They include simple and universal acts like saying “thank you” and “please,” cleaning up after yourself in common areas, and refraining from gossip. These behaviors also extend to not selling products to colleagues, not interrupting others, using good personal hygiene and treating everyone with respect.