Barcodes are a series of scannable lines and spaces used to identify a unique product within seconds. It's helpful to have barcodes when you run a business, because you can keep more accurate track of your inventory at a much quicker pace than counting items by hand. If you have a business and you want to start using bar codes, you'll need to decide type of symbols you're going to use, what type of scanner you will have and how many bar codes you'll be needing.

Visit (see Resources).

Type in the numbers or text you want to use for the item which you're creating the barcode for.

Click the "Advanced Options" tab.

Choose your symbology (Code 39 is the most common non-retail barcode symbology), the height and width of the barcode, the width of the lines and the font type. Click "Generate Barcode" when you're finished.

Click the image of the barcode you've just created. Right-click the image of your bar code in the pop-up window and choose "Save Image As." Name it and choose to save it on your desktop.

Double-click the icon on your desktop and print the barcodes onto some blank labels.