How to Create UPC Codes for Free

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Whether you want to create promo codes for coupons or generate price codes for merchandise, a UPC code creation utility can solve your business' coding needs. And when it comes to creating your own UPC codes, you won't be short on options. You can find free UPC code creation utilities available for download online or packaged as web page embedded utilities.

Barcodes Inc.

Navigate your web browser to the UPC/EAN Barcode Generator" on Barcodes Inc.'s website (see References).

Type your barcode's text or numerical values into the field labeled "Value to encode" and select your UPC format from the drop-down menu located next to the "Mode" heading.

Click on the "Make Barcode" button to generate your UPC code.


Use the "Free Barcode Generator" utility at the Barcoding website (see References).

Enter your barcode values into the "Barcode Data" field. Select your UPC variant from the list of barcode types in the drop-down menu located next to the "Barcode Symbology" heading.

Select an output image type for your barcode from the drop-down menu labeled "Output Format."

Click on the "Generate Barcode" button to create your UPC code.

Byte Scout

Download and install a free copy of ByteScout Barcode Generator (see References). Launch the program after you've installed it.

Click on the drop-down menu under the "Symbology" heading and then select your desire UPC format from the list of barcode types.

Enter your text or numerical data into the field labeled "Value to Encode," and then click on the "Generate" button to create your UPC code.

Click on the "Save to file" button on the left side of the program to save your UPC code as an image file.


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