Both large and small businesses use computers as a way to order and maintain the inventory in the store. A computer uses a barcode to identify an item in the system and in order to determine price once the item is rung up at the cash register. Barcode printing usually requires an expensive machine that produces barcodes for products, typically at a high price. By generating barcodes online for free, a store owner can print the barcodes and use them on every item.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Printer

  • Printing paper

  • Barcode data

  • Microsoft Word

Load the barcode generator website on the Internet. Barcoding Inc. offers a free bar coding service for Internet users that offers a wide variety of barcode types to generate.

Type the barcode data into the text box specified as “Bar code data.” This data should be the item number or product number as listed on your barcode data sheet.

Select the barcode symbology by clicking the arrow in the drop down list. The most common form of symbology is "Code 128." However, some companies use other forms.

Click the drop-down arrow to select the output format. This will determine the type of file the barcode is generated into. This is an image file and depends completely upon your preference. Click the "Generate Barcode" button. A barcode will be generated and display immediately below the button.

Right click on the generated barcode and save the file to your computer.

Open a new file in Microsoft Word and click the “Insert” tab Select “Image” and “From File,” which will prompt a folder to open on your screen.

Click on the barcode image file and click the “OK” button. The barcode will be placed into the Word document.

Repeat steps 1 through 7 until your entire barcode data sheet is generated into barcode images.

Click the “Print” option and select your printer. Click the “Print” button again and the images will print to the printer paper.