UPC stands for Universal Product Code. This code is placed on just about every item you can imagine. When scanned, the code tells the computer what the item is and how much it costs. This makes checkout time faster and helps store owners track what is being sold. If there is a defective product, you will be asked to cut off the UPC bar code and send it in with your receipt to get a refund.

Turn around all boxed products and look at the back of it. In the bottom corner is the place you are most likely to find the UPC bar code.

Look at the sides of the product if it is not on the back. The UPC code is almost always on the back or one of the sides of a box.

Twirl your can and you will see the UPC code toward the back. This is true of all cans.

Flip over your potato chips or frozen cranberries bag. The UPC code is toward the bottom.

Find the sticker on your produce. The sticker will often have a UPC bar code on it. If it doesn't, then the cashier will have to manually tell the computer what product it is.

Search online to find a bar code for the type of product you are looking for. You can find bar codes by typing the name of the product and the words "UPC code" in the search engine box.


With the exception of produce, the UPC bar codes are almost never found on the front of a product.


Don't turn in someone else's bar code as your own. That is stealing.