Most modern copier and printer machines have an enlargement function that allows users to increase the size of a copy when desired. The quality and clarity of the original image will determine the quality and clarity of the enlarged photo copy; if the original is clear and crisp, it will remain that way upon enlargement. You can practice with various enlargement ratios to get the ideal reproduction that suits your needs.

Lift the copy machine’s outer document feeder and place your original document face-down on the glass. Line up the document’s top left corner with the top left corner of the glass. Close the copier lid.

Locate the “Copy ratio” button on the copier machine. Alternatively, locate a figure on the machine’s touch screen that shows “100%.” Press this figure or the "Copy ratio" button. A screen should appear that provides percentage options, such as “10%,” “25%,” “50%,” “90%,” "100%" and "125%." Choose a preset enlargement option greater than 100% or enter one of your own specification. You may also see a “+” or “-” symbol, which you can use to manually increase or decrease the reproduction size in single-digit increments.

Enter your desired "Copy ratio" and press “Done.” Select any other copier modes required, such as stapling or collating, and choose the number of copies needed. If you are unsure of the ratio you’ve selected, perform only one copy until you have the exact settings you desire. Press “Start” or “Copy” and wait for the copy to come out of the exit tray.